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Anonymous asked: Just out of curiosity, how old are you? :P


23 I believe it says on my right up. ?….

Anonymous asked: I'm glad i helped, even if it was just a little. Keep your head up, and don't why one get you down. :-) and show that beautiful smile that you have. Haters hate to see you smile ;)


I know I’m trying to keep on smiling :) thank you.



The Impermanence of Pleasure

my favourite thing I’ve seen in a while

Such beauty

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Anonymous asked: It sucks you're feeling like this, and it makes me sad that you're sad. But look at it this way. Things can only get better. If you're already at the bottom of your sadness all you can do is look for the good things in life. The thing that matters is where you focus your attention. Focus it on the good happy things in life and everything else will go away.


Thank you so much. (Almost cried at your kind words. )

Barbies diary 010.

I now that people probably don’t give a fuck. But just have had such a shot 2 weeks :’(

To start off with my mum hit me 2 weeks a go today, so from this point I started heading down hill as I got to the first weekend I though I was going to be doing better and I went to a wedding and was actually feeling semi normal again.

The day of the wedding was a good day until I got back home and found a message of a old friend start a fight with me witch upset me and made me feel like shit. And that pushed me further back the other way. And we’ll I was still in a bad place with this another friend decided to join in with the “let’s hate on barbie party” and it just feels like everyone I against me. And the more I feel alone the more I end up hating myself as they hate me and I struggle to see that I have people on my life that love me and are there for me :( I just don’t know how to pull myself out of this :(

Anyway sorry if you did read this boring I now :( if you can help I’d love that 3

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